Our Process

Design + Rigor

As we practice Human Centered Design (HCD), we work with communities to understand a challenge from their perspective and creatively solve it with their guidance and input. The truth is, most great social sector change-makers intuitively practice elements of Human Centered Design. Through learning-by-doing, our partner clients super-charge their HCD practice and codify an innovation process that is faster, more human-centered, and better leverages internal creative firepower. 

HCD helps us learn fast: to quickly test an idea and with immediate feedback re-design and improve it in real time. Traditionally it takes months to learn what we can discover with HCD in a few hours or days.
— MELISSA HIGBIE / Former Deputy Director of PSI/Tanzania

But our playbook goes beyond design. We bring a full complement of rigorous practices to our interventions and innovations. Between us we have expertise in Anthropology, Behavioral Science, Research (qualitative and quantitative), Brand Building, Marketing, Messaging, and Measurement – allowing us to design our approach and solutions to specifically meet the challenge at hand.