Matthew is Founder + Executive Director of the Institute of Decision Making at FCB, a practice that brings findings from scientists who study human behavior and how people make choices into the practice of marketing.

Along with more than 20 years of brand strategy experience in global advertising agencies, he has brought insights from behavioral science to smoking cessation and energy conservation programs in the U.S., and to reproductive health initiatives in East Africa. Matthew is a frequent speaker at business schools and at marketing and communication events, including giving a keynote address to the 2016 Global Social + Behavior Change Communication Summit in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. His latest book, The Business of Choice: Marketing to Consumers’ Instincts, was recently named “Marketing Book of the Year 2016.” Matthew grew up in Ireland, is married to an Italian, and lives in San Francisco.

How we human beings make decisions is complex and fascinating, and nobody brings it to life quite like Matthew Willcox. His deep knowledge and practical insights are invaluable for anyone in the business of understanding and influencing decisions.
— MATT WILLIAMS / CEO of The Martin Agency