Over a decade ago, Matthew saw that insights from behavioral science could help organizations do a better job of making choices natural and easy for their clients, customers or the communities they serve. 

Since, he's served as a bridge between practitioners and scientists who study human behavior and those trying to apply insights to inspire behavior change. For eight years, he served as Executive Director of FCB's Decision Making Institute. Currently Matthew runs The Business of Choice, a behavioral science insights and choice architecture consultancy, while also serving as behavioral insights lead for The Curious Company

With more than 20 years of global marketing and strategy experience, Matthew has worked in senior communication planning roles at Ogilvy in London and Bangkok and as Chief Strategy Officer across the West Coast offices of FCB. In the course of his career he has helped many brand companies, governmental agencies, healthcare companies and social development and community health organizations find the keys to behavior change. 

Matthew’s book, The Business of Choice, was named winner of Marketing Book of the Year 2016 and co-winner of the prestigious Berry-AMA book prize organized by the American Marketing Association.

How we human beings make decisions is complex and fascinating, and nobody brings it to life quite like Matthew Willcox. His deep knowledge and practical insights are invaluable for anyone in the business of understanding and influencing decisions.
— MATT WILLIAMS / CEO of The Martin Agency